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How Housing PLUS Helps

Housing PLUS Helps as a Value-Added Service Provider


The Specialized Consultant:

The Housing PLUS proposition is fully conceived by this NFP’s Executive Director, building upon a combination of acute perspective for market rate property management, real estate construction and investments, the affordable housing crisis and the associated pressures on elected officials, and the commitment to bring Housing PLUS to the community. 


There is no more thoroughly prepared and better positioned service provider to help property owners achieve the full value potential of their respective real estate investments.



Purposefully for its participating property owners, Housing PLUS has created links to resources of many varieties, for the purpose project efficiency and productivity, the two essential elements for Return on Investment. 


Be it the experienced team for professional services, bulk rates for construction materials, or the extensive referral pipeline for leasing purposes, the resourcefulness of Housing PLUS maintains an effective project pace for owners.


Promotes Perspective:

For fees, Housing PLUS services participating landlords by facilitating all processes, demonstrating leadership throughout, and communicating informatively about reasoning and options.  Property owners cannot add unit count by right, not every property can be legally processed in exactly the same way, and Housing Plus explains.


Organization of the Entire Project:

If so desired, Housing PLUS can also lead the construction with its select and licensed General Contractor partners, therefore providing the last of a full array of services for a successful project … negotiating with elected and other public officials, representing within the neighborhood, coordinating legal and architecture, materials management, and lease-up.


For a participating owner, affecting a unit count increase and/or a change in usage with Housing PLUS will not be burdensome in any way. 

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