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For Multi-Family Property Owners

Housing PLUS: A Value Proposition for Multi-Family Property Owners


There is vacant, unfinished, and minimally productive space routinely found in multi-family properties – from 2-flats to large courtyard buildings.


On behalf of property owners, Housing PLUS has successfully negotiated with municipalities, including Chicago, and received permission to increase the legal unit count of properties; to convert those unproductive spaces into new dwelling units.   


Multi-family property owners acknowledge the economic incentive of increased value and rent revenue and are creating new units … offering to serve income eligible and/or special needs populations, including U.S. Military Veterans and people with mobility impairments.



Precedents are established, procedures are defined, and the proposed value creation has been realized every time.  But, participating owners must be granted the legal permission to add units. 


Housing PLUS, the recognized specialist, serves property owners as a value-added consultant throughout all phases.


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