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Please see some of the positive feedback from people who have worked with Housing PLUS.


“As a member of Chicago’s City Council, what I appreciate most about the Housing Plus concept is that it doesn’t cost the taxpayers, and everyone benefits … the community, the property owners, and the families that need this housing type. There is no downside.”

Alderman Joe Moore
49th Ward, City of Chicago
Chairman, City Council Committee on Housing and Real Estate



“As a client of Housing Plus, I converted unused space in my typical Chicago 6-flat into 2 new apartments with an expected full payback within the fifth year … a favorable return on the investment for sure.“


"As a Member of the Landmarks Illinois Board of Directors, I am greatly appreciative of the concept because it neatly fits within our objectives for the metropolitan area toward effective adaptive re-use and preservation strategies.”

Andy Ahitow
President, Edgewater Uptown Builders Association



“Is there an incredible shortage of affordable and accessible housing in our country? Yes! Absolutely! “What I love about Housing Plus is that it is improving the awareness of the problem within the real estate community and delivering this much needed new housing stock.”

Marca Bristo
President & CEO
Access Living  

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